Sara Lukanc

Jan Gortnar

The Gap

Sara Lukanc & Jan Gortnar (Slovenija)

The Gap is a mysterious and exciting journey into parallel universes in search of lost memories, which arrives from the keyboards of Slovenian visual communication designer and narrator Sara Lukanc and computer artist Jan Gortnar.

Sara and Jan studied the craft at the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts and Design and today work as skilled visual artists and storytellers with experience in designing using multiple software platforms for video game development and various image processing software. Jan, for example, worked on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive).



Imagine. If you had lost it all – your family, your memories, your life. Who would you trust? Could you trust yourself?

You play as Joshua Hayes, a neuroscientist trying to figure out what happened to him and his family, barely remembering anything about his past. To solve the mystery, you must explore parallel universes and collect your memories which may lead to unexpected discoveries. Intertwined and suspenseful, they eventually culminate in ending your search for the cure of your wife’s illness, but not without the cost of crossing paths with the story’s antagonist – yourself.



14.06.2021. / projects
DigiTelling - project presentation and video games experts panel at Animafest 2021

Goethe-Institut Kroatien and the French Institute in Zagreb presented video games developed as part of their project DigiTelling and organized a panel of experts from the video games industry at this year's edition of Animafest. more...

09.11.2020. / events
Edu4Games at 18th Zagreb Film Festival

Edu4Games project manager assoc. prof. Davor Švaić participated in the panel of the 18th Zagreb Film Festival titled 'Croatia as a player in European co-productions'. more...

14.05.2020. / projects
DigiTelling – 1st module of the mentorship program

The first module of the DigiTelling innovative indie video game mentorship program will be held online from May 12 to June 30, 2020. more...

20.04.2020. / projects
Selected participants of the DigiTelling video game mentoring program

A German-French-Croatian jury has selected participants of an innovative indie video game mentoring program that is part of the DigiTelling project. more...

20.04.2020. / projects
Collaboration with the DigiTelling project

Organized by the Goethe-Institut Kroatien and the Français de Croatie Institute, the first regional mentoring program for innovative indie video games has been launched as part of the DigiTelling project. more...


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