Teacher training in game development studio 'Gamechuck'

15.03.2021. / events

15.03.2021. / events


Thirteen members of the Edu4Games project team, teachers of the Academy of Dramatic Art, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, School of Design at the Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Organization and Informatics and Academy of Fine Arts, participated in a training led by game development studio Gamechuck from February 24 to March 9, 2021. The aim of the training was to acquaint teachers with the process of working in a company that deals with video games design and development.

During this 10-day training, teachers monitored and participated in the development of a game titled Dingo, which was developed by visual artist Jurica Cvetko and programmer Krunoslav Gregorec. Additional help was provided by Matija Malatestinić (music and sound) and Aleksandar Gavrilović (production). The following were some of their tasks: drawing and animating the dingo character and backgrounds, game programming, creating simple music and a few sound effects, and checking and testing the game. In addition to live participation, teachers followed the game's development via Clickup, Twitch and Discord platforms.

*The training was funded within the project 'Edu4Games - Creation of standards of professions and qualifications as well as new study programs for the area of design and development of video games', created by the Academy of Dramatic Art in collaboration with partners, constituents of the University of Zagreb - Academy of Fine Arts, Faculty of Architecture - School of Design, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing and Faculty of Organization and Informatics.


15.09.2021. / events
Start of the lifelong learning program pilot ‘Video Game Design and Development’

Teachers of five components of the University of Zagreb and experts from the video game industry began piloting part of four new lifelong learning programs - Game Design, Game Programming, Game Production and Game Art. more...

21.06.2021. / events
Call for applications for enrolling in the piloting of a lifelong learning program

In order to prepare for the implementation of a new MA study program and lifelong learning program, teachers of five components of the University of Zagreb and experts in the video game industry will begin with piloting 4 new lifelong learning programs in the Fall. more...

16.06.2021. / events
Presenting Edu4Games project at Reboot Online Games Week

Project leader Assoc. Prof. Art. Davor Švaić presented Edu4Games at this year's Reboot Online Games Week in the Games Industry category. more...

14.06.2021. / projects
DigiTelling - project presentation and video games experts panel at Animafest 2021

Goethe-Institut Kroatien and the French Institute in Zagreb presented video games developed as part of their project DigiTelling and organized a panel of experts from the video games industry at this year's edition of Animafest. more...

15.03.2021. / events
Teacher training in game development studio 'Gamechuck'

Edu4Games teacher training was held both online and live from February 24 to March 9, 2021 in game development studio 'Gamechuck' in Zagreb. more...

09.11.2020. / events
Edu4Games at 18th Zagreb Film Festival

Edu4Games project manager assoc. prof. Davor Švaić participated in the panel of the 18th Zagreb Film Festival titled 'Croatia as a player in European co-productions'. more...


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